Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here in Los Angeles we don’t get much rain, we don’t have thunderstorms and lightening. We don’t have fall, pretty leaves changing colors, or the smell of spring very often. For the last week, it has been raining on and off. And anyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession with rain, with storms, with weather. Part of this comes from growing up in the Midwest, where we have weather, seasons, storms. Part of it comes from my awe at the weather, at the importance of water and at the same time how damaging it can be. Part of it is from my awe and the creation of God, and the weather is just one more sign that God does exist. And, part of it is because when I was a little girl, my grammy and I used to spend hours driving in the car looking at snow covered streets, and the leaves changing and at storms coming in and out of our area.
I have so much enjoyed the rain, and by yesterday morning, I was ready for some sun. While we were on our way to teaching in our carpool, we took in the low clouds and the way they hit the mountains, we took in the eerie, God-like nature of the clouds, and then, out of nowhere, right in front of us was this beautiful rainbow. This wasn’t just a small rainbow, but one that stretched on forever, each of the colors visible and vibrant. It was like a smile shining down on me. I usually take in the beauty of nature and think of my family who are no longer with me. I have been known to stare at the stars in the sky and look for the brightest one (other than the north star of course), and imagine that my grandparents were living there. But, this summer, after my dad died, I lost that ability. Yesterday, i found my awe, I fell in love with the rain again. The rainbow eventually faded into the sky and the day went on, rainy as always.
I thought about the rainbow as I slowly made my way to school this morning, wishing to see it again, and knowing that I couldn’t be so lucky. That is, until I went to my first class and outside that window as an even bigger and brighter rainbow than yesterday. I think someone is smiling down on me. I think my covenant with God is made stronger by this, I think we are all in a good place.
Out of the rain, the storm, the floods, came a rainbow, the skies are blue, the air is clear, and life is good. May each of us find the rainbow that brings us new life!

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