Learn with Rabbi Eve

rabbi-eve-a-la-carteJoin me for Rabbi À La Carte. You name the time, place, and subject matter and invite your group to learn with me in any setting. Read more about it or just fill out the form below.


Jewish study is meant to be a living experience. It’s sometimes suited to the classroom,
sometimes to a Shabbat dinner at home, and sometimes to one-on-one learning. I invite you to Torah Lishma, learning for the sake of learning.

As the rabbinic educator at Neveh Shalom, I am here to learn with you based on your learning needs and interests. Consider me the rabbi with an à la carte menu of learning options.

You provide:
-The topic. What burning Jewish questions are just waiting to be tackled?
-The chavurah (group of friends). Bring together a group of folks you like spending time with. We can also connect you with others who have similar interests.
-The time. Mornings, afternoons, or evenings, whatever works with your schedule.
-The place. Choose a cozy coffee shop, wine bar, park or Neveh Shalom.

I provide:
-The Jewish perspective on your topic, historically and contemporarily.
-An interactive, thought-provoking discussion.
-Resource materials.

Sample topics include Judaism’s tips for time management, a deeper dive into prayer, Jewish thought on assisted suicide, or a worst-case scenario kashrut survival guide. The sky’s the limit, and we’ll learn together with your friends.

Next step:
Fill out the form on this page to set up your learning date. Torah Lishma, learning for the sake of learning, is an essential value of our faith. I hope you’ll join me for the sake of learning.

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