Man in the Mirror

Tonight I attended the last of my “life-coaching’ group meetings. I embarked on this journey about three months ago. When i decided to join the group, it was out of a need to change my life, to set realistic goals, to move forward out of the rut I was living in for the previous three months. The first activity we engaged in was creating our perfect day. We listed out what would make our day perfect, what we would do, who we would be with, what we would wear, etc. We created this using the unspoken goals, wishes and dreams each of us dreams about. We then made a list of 100 goals, things we wanted ot accomplish over the few weeks we would meet together and in the not so distant future. My goals were varied and repetitive at times. Some of them, i had control over, others, could only be accomplished by chance meetings and occurrences.
Last night, i reviewed me goals list and I actually accomplished half of my short-term goals. I feel so accomplished. When i began the program, I was at a crossroads, 3 months after my dad died, I didn’t know where I was going. I was letting people tell me where i should be, what i needed, where i needed to turn for help. Each person told me to turn to someone else, some institution, therapy, groups. While these were all good ideas, they weren’t ideas that worked for me. I needed to turn to myself, look inside myself, look at the person I saw in the mirror and help myself. In doing this, I changed my life for me, I am doing what is write for me, I am grieving in my own way; moving forward with the creativity and passion that is in my heart.
In the last three months, I have looked at the person in the mirror each morning, and I find myself moving a little bit closer to making those changes that I want to see in me. I am happy, and I am me!

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