Learning to Let Go

In the past year I have spent much time learning to let go. Let go of past relationships, of past experiences, of my past. I have learned that I can’t live there, that in order to survive, I must hold on to the past for what it was and look towards the future for what it can be. And i have been succeeding it this for the most part. It is scary to let go, scary to loose oneself in love, in life, in relationships, and at the same time, it is thrilling, and so incredible.
Letting go is really hard, and yet, I am realizing that if I don’t let go, I can’t more forward; and I really want to move forward. So, now, I will push, I will let go, I will close my eyes and fall into the unknown. Into that space that isn’t cluttered with regrets of the past, with things that have no meaning anymore. I will let go, take the fall and hope to soar into the world.

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