When I Was Younger

It’s times like the holidays when I wish I was younger. I miss the carefree days where Hanukkah was about the miracle of the oil and the Maccabees weren’t such a historical entity, but a childhood story. I miss the family Hanukkah parties where my cousins and I all got together, when we went shopping for gifts with my grammy and zaide, the latkes my nana made that were lacy and crispy on the outside. I miss the dreidle game my dad made, and the grab bag Hanukkah party with the cousin’s club. I miss the past, I am clinging to my memories, trying to make them as vivid as I can, trying to make them real. What I wouldn’t give for another taste of those latkes, another family gathering.

I am mourning the past, I am mourning my childhood. The innocence and simplicity that was, is no more. Everyday, I face these memories that haunt and enlighten me. I miss them, I miss my family.

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