So Much to Do, So little time

IN the last few weeks I have been touched with a bit of writers block when it comes to my obligatory school work, and a insurgence of creativity in my aspirations for the future and my programmatic ideas. And now, as finals are approaching, I have no creativity to writ emy papers and an overwhelming sense that I am stuck, with not quite the resources to move forward in my aspirations for the Jewish world, and at the same time, so energetic I want to go run right now and start making a difference.
I want to creat etwo video games, write a book, change the face of Jewish education, educate on grief, create programs that bring people into Judaism and excite them about all the possibilities that the future holds for us. I want to ignite the flame in someone else, and have that flame pass from person to person and burn as a torch for Judaism. And, SOOOO MUCH MORE. I want to create a family haggadah that will enable my family to move forward out of theses months of tragedy and into a new phase, of life, tradition and change. I want to strengthen my father’s memory in my life, and make him proud. I want to make myself proud, I want to grow, I want to live, I want to laugh, I want to love.
I have all of these wants, wishes, dreams, and then all of this school work that will help foster me to get there and at the same time feels like it is holding me back from getting on with my work in the world. The daily dilemmas of my life these days… of to write another paper!

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