Death is about the living

Yesterday morning a close friend and classmate passed away after a year long battle with Lukemia. He fought valliantly, but no amount of effort or modern medicine can outsmart God. He leaves behind three small children and a wonderful life.
All of this comes close to the 3 month anniversary of my own father’s death. His death after 7 years of fighting various illnesses and in the end losing his battle in a similar way to my friend. Both of them died of septic shock, both of them had too many illnesses and challenges to overcome. Both of them fought as hard as they could, and lost.
So, what is this all about? this is about me struggling the last 3 months to matter in a community who nearly turned their back on me when I needed them the most. I know there are differences, my friend was an actual member of the “community”, my father never was a part of the community. BUT, I AM, and I needed support and never received it.
Last night, someone asked me what do we do now? I responded, take care of the living. LIFE, CHOOSE LIFE the torah commands us… SO, CHOOSE THE LIVING, SUPPORT THEM, LOVE THEM, TALK TO THEM. Death is the end of one life, but without support, those who are left behind can’t go on, can’t live and honor the person who has passed.
Maybe now, instead of ignoring me, people will talk to me, support me? Support the living, support those of us who can be helped, support the future. TALK, ASK IN A MONTH, A FEW MONTHS, HOW ARE YOU? DON’T STOP!

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