Riding along in my….

train car. That’s right, I am finally living in a city with public transportation that is usable, semi-affordable, and doesn’t involve me sitting in my own car for hours. I get to take the “L” to work every morning and home every night. This is a new and big thing for me. First of all, I have a terrible sense of direction, so it’s not easy for me to figure out which one to get on, where to go, what direction it should be going. Even if i read the signs and have a map. But, Chicago seems to be pretty easy to figure out. And, with the help of one of my roommates for the summer, I was able to figure out the best way to get to and from the office and from my placement.
Today was the first day I took the “L” by myself, as it was our first day of placement. Armed with my map and directions memorized, I headed out on my own. I needed to take 2 trains, one of which I have taken before to get to work, and one I had never seen before. It went off without a hitch. My train was pretty empty, on time, and when the transfer came, I found a nice person, asked if I was standing and waiting for the right train, and that was that. I made it to work in 1 hr. without a headache or sitting in traffic for hours.
I think I”ll like taking the “L”. Yesterday, i found myself making up stories for the people who came on to the train. Today, i enjoyed my ipod and my book, and taking in the scenery on my way south and then back north through the city. There was something relaxing and peaceful about the train, something that kept me in my head, thinking, but relaxing. I have a built in hour before and hour after work to relax, decompress, reflect. There isn’t anything else I can do, so I will make the best use of the time as I can. I LIKE THE “L”, yay for public transit!

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