Here We Go Again

So, there is a common thread in my life that is becoming more and more noticeable. My Bat Mitzvah portion seems to creep up on me in the strangest ways, and at the most interesting times. It was of course my grandfather’s parsha, the parsha my first week of Rabbinical School, the parsha when I moved to Israel for the year, it was studied at various events, and now, once more, on the second day of my summer job we studied its words again.
It begins with “When you will go out to war.” I have seen this fitting in many ways, since It always seems to be the parsha when I am on my way out into a new leg of my journey, so it is fitting here. It was also fitting that it was a war, because when I went to Israel it was to a “war” and now again I am embarking on a war for social justice. It continues on with many, many different commandments, one of which discusses our obligation to pay attention and see the world around us. We are not to ignore issues that need our attention. So fitting for what I am doing this summer.
But I also have to wonder if there is a reason this text, this specific section of all the texts I study keeps popping up in my world. It just seems too coincidental to me. it makes me journey seem more meaningful and almost appears as a sign telling me I am on the right path. Even, when I already know i am on the right path. So today, I set out again on yet another journey. My summer internship began with an “action” or “protest” yesterday and tomorrow I will visit my internship sight for the first time. This summer, i will engage in the war, I will go out into the world. This summer, my eyes will be opened, and I will not ignore

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