Heal the World

It seems to me that there is a lot of healing to be done in the world. My world is broken. The world i see with my eyes, hear, live in is hurting, and needs to be fixed. As I embarked 2 days ago on my journey this summer, the world became a different place to me. As I embarked 10 months ago for my year in Israel, the world changed in my eyes. What can I do to fix it? 2 days ago my work began, significant work. Work that is moving in the right direction. I dont’ want to perfect the world, because well, i don’t think anything is perfect, and if it were perfect, it wouldn’t be real.
Now, I know that all of these problems and hurts existed before, and I wanted to help then as well. I am not naive, and I know that there is a lot to be done. What I am talking about is my new perspective.
I’m just thinking about our world, and the injustice that is so prevalent in daily life. The women who can’t feed their children, the children who are punished because of a society that instead of working for the children works against the adults.
I guess I’m just doing a lot of thinking these days. Today I went to my placement for the first time. I am working for a very special project, advocating for social change. Advocating for those whose voice is rarely listened to. And my voice will be heard. Whether it is because I was one of those considered “Lucky” in our society to have been born as I am, look the way I look, or because I can empathize, sympathize and agonize with the community I am working with. Our voices will be heard.
I guess you could say I am hooked. After these past 3 days, I have been shown an entirely new world, one that is bleeding and broken, but one that I have the tools to fix. This is really incoherent, probably because I haven’t quite been able to process everything yet, but this is the beginning.
“You are not obligated to complete the task, neither are you free to desist from it…” HERE I GO!

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