Like a Rolling Stone

So, I’ve been home a little over a week and I am still readjusting. In the last 10 days I have lived in Israel, Michigan and now Chicago. I have touched ground in Israel, Atlanta, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, and I have lived in 3 different time zones. Surprisingly, I haven’t had hardly any jet lag. My readjustment is still progressing slowly. In some ways, it feels like I never left, and in others it seems like I have been away for far too long.
It was quite wonderful to see my family again after so many months apart. Having my dog jump on me and go crazy was an incredible feeling only to have been beat by the feeling of hugging my mom, dad, sister, aunts, uncles and grandfather again. I left 9 months ago, and I returned, everyone is still in one piece, and I am very thankful for that.
As ready as I was to come home, I miss Israel terribly. I miss the atmosphere, hearing Hebrew everywhere I go, I miss the people, my friends, my apartment. Although, it is quite nice to have carpeting and cable and a car. I’m sort of in this in between state of not knowing where I am and trying to figure out where I am landing myself. It will be very nice once I settle in here in Chicago for the summer to be in one place again for a few months.
So, how did my reentry go? Well, I got home to find 2 of my bags did not make it quite to Detroit with me, but were soon delivered to my house. I immediately had a delicious new york bagel, unpacked, relaxed with carpeting, air conditioning and lots and lots of channels on TV. I have now eaten all of my favorite foods, had a fantastic lunch with my sister, fun family dinners, reconnected with a few old friends, and made some new ones. I went to a Tigers game with my mom and sister, and had a fantastic time relaxing before the big move over to Chicago.
After 7 full days at home, I packed up again, and drove myself down to Chicago. I was very very sad to be leaving my family and friends so soon, but I am only about 5 hours away in the car. Anything is better than 14 or more hours by plane! The best part of Chicago is that I am living only a few short blocks away from my uncle. It is wonderful to be living in a city with family, especially with family i don’t get to see all the time.
I arrived Friday afternoon. After I got myself into the apartment I quickly changed and headed out to Shabbat services and dinner with my Uncle at his synagogue. It was wonderful to meet his friends, and join a wonderful community. We davened, sang and ate the homemade goodies my uncle made for the Oneg. I very much enjoyed being in his company and getting to know a bit of Chicago I hadn’t seen before. Shabbat was very relaxing and involved getting to know one of my roommates. I am living in an apartment with 3 other people. We are subletting for the summer. We are now finally all moved in and slowly getting to know each other before we begin our work tomorrow. It all promises to be a fantastic summer! Today I went grocery shopping and found a few Kosher places to buy my favorite salami and other foods. and now I am jsut relaxing before joining the work force again!
A pretty simple and straightforward update. I should mention that I came home just in time to say goodbye to my Rabbi who will be leaving in a few weeks to take his post as the Dean of JTS rabbinical school. It was wonderful to return to the place that has such a profound influence on me and my decision to become a rabbi. Walking in the door, seeing my friends, my community brought me back to reality, made it feel like home.
So, here I go. Off on another journey, finding my way, a new adventure! And it promises to be fun! Off to take on the Windy City!!

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