Never Saw Blue Like That Before

Every morning, I walk to school, and take in the beauty that surrounds me. The luscious green trees that line the path to Schechter, the Keneset straight ahead of me. The purples, yellows, reds of the flowers that greet me. The voices of children laughing on their way to school. Some days, I turn around about half way up the “mountain” and look out onto the city, look back at my apartment, and realize, I AM IN ISRAEL! As much of a pain in the you know what as the walk with my huge back pack is to get to school, I love it. I am thankful, grateful for this time in the morning, this precious experience that I have had this year.

Only, this past week, every morning, I would walk out of my apartment and be stunned by the clear blue of the sky ahead of me. the pristine blue sky that greets me, not a cloud to be seen. Or, the sky last Leil Shabbat, the intricate blending of blues, from dark to light, to glowing, the glitter of the stars and the sliver of a moon that peaked out to give me light. I happen to love taking in the sky, taking in the nature that surrounds me, but here it is different. here the colors are more vivid, here the blue is more pristine, here it feels more beautiful to me.

I have so many different pictures of the sky in Israel, perhaps I walk around with my head in the cloudss a bit too often. Or, maybe, I am looking up to take it in, and find the place most high to fill myself with. I have never seen blue like this before. I have never seen views this spectacular everywhere I look.

I can’t imagine waking up in just 2 short weeks without these magnificent gifts, no more yellow mornings because of a dust storm, or pristine blue skies that serve as the backdrop to the holy city. But, I think that is why it means to much to me. I have never seen blue like this before, only in Jerusalem, only in Ir HaKodesh. Take a look at the sky today, take in its calming presence, take in the smile of the sun, and the glow of the moon. Wish upon a star. What an incredible gift!

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