Losing my Religion…. o.k., too dramatic..

O.k., So i’m not really losing my religion, not really at all. But, I am losing something precious, something special to me. Not losing forever, not even really losing, more like having to share something special to me. Yesterday, my rabbi was announced that he is leaving our shul after 13 years to become Dean of a rabbinical school. And I know how to share, but this is different for me. I have developed a special connection with my rabbi, and recently that connection has grown, he has watched me grow as I have watched him grow. I wish him the best, and know that he will be shaping the lives of so many more Rabbis which means a great future for the Jewish people, but I will miss his face when I return home, miss his warmth and support every Shabbat. I know this is only the begining of our relationship as it grows…

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