Where Have All the People Gone…

This morning, I woke up quite early for a wonderful Tiyul with Ta Shma, my Pluralistic learning group. We went to the foot hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Shefella. And we hiked, and hiked and hiked some more. And as i was walking, wandering, thinking, taking in the beauty around me, my head returned to a common thought. Where have all the people gone. There we were, hiking, learning, living history, and i have to wonder what it the land must have been like before, when it was lively, when people actually lived there. The ancient ruins, the places where David slew Goliath, the place of so much hitory, so much heritage. We saw and climbed in the caves of the Bar Kochba revolt, saw burial caves, saw the ancient life that was. This is learning, this is history. I climbed, used my physical energy to connect with my spirituality. This wa the learning I have been missing. Here is history, here i what i read about, here is the society that somuch is baed on. Here is where so many wonderous events happened, and there i stood. And strewn about these incredible places, these cities is modern trash. I guess you can’t have everything.

It was so perfect to leave Jerusalem on such a gorgeous day. the sun wa shining, the sky was clear, and the most pristine blue, not a cloud to be seen. My mind needed a rest, my body needed the exercies. I didn’t realize how cramped and down I was until i left the city. I was free. Jerusalem is a wonderful place, so holy, so full, so incredible, and so wonderful to leave for a little bit. I hiked, cleared my mind, thought, centered and enjoyed the company of my friends, my new friends, and my thoughts. This is what Israel is all about. In one day I wa able to experience the beauty of nature, living history, and the holy city that I love so much. Modernity meets antiquity, and everything in between. How wonderful is this adventure I am taking, how brilliant are these experiences. How blessed am I.

And I was sitting on the bus on the way home, thinking about my friends, my family, shabbat and all I need to do to be ready in time. I sat there looking out my window, taking in the flowers beginning to bloom, taking in the sights. For a moment, i could have been in America, in any one of the states i drove across this summer, and I felt at home. As we approached Jerusalem, i felt a bit of excitment. As much as I feel stuck, stressed and frustrated while I am in Jerusalem, it is so wonderful to come back. And as we approached the city, i saw the welcome sign and realized just how happy I am. How wonderful that they post the times Shabbat begins and ends at the enterance to Jerusalem. It just struck me as nice, home. And I feel at home. As frustrated as I am with certain aspects of my year here, I am happy. What an adventure! Time to finish up some things before Shabbat! Shabbat Shalom to all!!

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