Oh Hannukah, O Hannukah, Come light the Chanukiah

I made it! It is now officially Hannukah Break! That’s right, I have a week off of school for Hannukah, and then we’re back for a month and a bit before finals. Then, 2 more weeks off!! These past 2 weeks have been very hectic with midterms, presentations, visitors, and trip planning. I know the next few weeks will also be hectic as it is officially tourist season again here in the Holy Land! So, a quick update, and some reflections!

School is going well, although, it is frustrating because there are just not enough hours in the day to do all of my homework, go to school for 11 hrs. and do the other stuff that needs to get done like my extracurricular activities and grocery shopping or cooking! I love the material I am learning, I love my teachers and my classmates, and I love the Hebrew I am learning. But, I could do with a little bit more sleep, and a little bit less homework! But, I guess we all could do better that way! I have been busy with my TaShma learning (interdenominational) and my women’s halachah class among other things. I still have yet to travel on my own outside of Jerusalem, but I’m hoping to do more of that soon now that my friends are done applying to Rabbinical Schools! YAY! Overall, Israel is a wonderful experience right now, and a wonderful place to be. I’m figuring out how to keep warm at nights in the cold apartment, where to get the best falafel, the best judaica stores and so much more!!

One of the best parts of being in Israel is celebrating hte yearly cycle of holidays! Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Succot were an incedible experience. And now, we’re gearing up for Hannukah. While I will not be in Israel for half of Hannukah, I will still get to experience the holiday season here. I am already seeing the hustle and bustle to buy chanukiot, candles, sufganiyot (Amazing with Ribat Chalav), and dreidles. I do wonder though, if i’d hear Hannukah songs on the radio if i turned it on?

I’m not a fan of all of the christmas decorating in malls, and having it shoved in my face all the time, so this has been a nice break! But, I do miss being able to drive around with my family and see all the pretty lights covered in snow! It is weird here. The city actually put up “Holiday” lights. There are the icicle lights up all over the place and ornament type lights up on Ben Yehuda. It is a little out of place, both because of the lack of snow, and because you’d think they would put up jewish lights, but alas, what can you do?

THe holiday season makes me sad because I won’t be lighting candles with any family this year. In years past I have had some family ot light with, or friends to light with who felt like family, but this year, I feel especially lonely here in Israel. It might partly be because many members of my class are on planes as I type back to AMerica, adn many more of my friends will be going to America in the next few weeks, and I have no plans to go home as of yet. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I miss home, and Hannukah just doesn’t feel the same without my family! But, I will make do, after all, I am going to be lighting the candles in GREECE!

I am leaving for Athens on Sunday. I’ll be there for four days, and hopefully will come back relaxed and renergized to finish up the semester! I’ll let oyu know how it is, and i”ll be sure to hide my dreidel from the Greek Authorities! Or, maybe I’ll wear a shrit and spread the words that we won out! Either way, I’m sure it will be fun!!

Take care, be well, and update me on your lives… I miss…

One thought on “Oh Hannukah, O Hannukah, Come light the Chanukiah

  1. Anonymous December 16, 2006 / 9:07 pm

    may the spirit of the Macabbes be with you!! Love, Tanta (and Talia too!)


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