Quick Pre-Shabbat Update- 2 this week!

A few quick things on my mind before Shabbat… my first shabbat of pure rest in 10 weeks!
1. OUTDOOR/INDOOR EATERIES: one of the best parts about Israel is that most places have a place to eat outdoors and indoors. One might think that the outdoor part must be closed for the winter, but think again my fine friends. Most of my favorite places to eat, (the waffle bar and my corner bar) have most of their seating outdoors, so I wondered what they would do in the winter. Turns out, they put of walls, and a roof, and Voila, they have an indoor eatery… AMAZING!
2. SHABBAT OF REST: I am spending this Shabbat just with myself and reflecting on the past few weeks. I am really looking forward to the reflection time, and the scrumcious lunch I have planned for tomorrow! Everyone needs some rest sometimes!
3. Oh no, I can’t remember: There was something else i wanted to comment on, but now it has escaped my mind. I am sure once i light my candles, I will remember! Such is mylife! On the plus side, I did have a hot shower today! YAY!! Here’s to hopeing the heat is on for more than just 3 hours for Shabbat!!
Shabbat Shalom, may it be a blessing upon you!!

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