I arrived in Israel 4 weeks ago, i have spent 4 weeks here, living on my own, exploring (in a way) my new surroundings and myself. I can’t beleive it has already been a month, and at the same time, it’s only been a month. I embarked on this journey terrified and excited about what lay ahead, and I am now, a monht into it, excited, nervous and energized by the thrill of the journey. I made it here, i survived on my own, I am doing it. A month ago, when I arrived in Israel, i had no idea what to expect, where i would meet people, what i woudl do until school started. And much to my surprise, i found a wonderful new community, some truly incredible people who have become my family. I am amazed at how close people can become after such a short period of time. My firend Jean has been sick lately, so i have spent a lot of time taking care of her, and my other new friends matt and Jenn have been life savers in making sure I’m well fed, and having fun. Life is good here in Israel!
This week has been one of self exploration, i have ventured into my soul and tired to open my eyes to what i want to offer the world, and what i want to take from the world this year. More reflections on that will come when Shabbat is not as near!
In the meantime, I have had a few visitors in the apartment. Starting last week with two high school girls who needed aplace to stay for the chaggim and now, my friend and ex-chevruta Josh, is staying with me until he finds a place to live for the year. It is really nice to have someone else in the apartment with me after a month alone. Josh has moved to Israel for the next two years to study at the Hartman Institute. As sad as I am that he is not going to be my chevruta anymore, i am very happy that i will have time to have fun with him in Jerusalem. Last night we went to a bar and met some friends. and aside from having ot give up m free reign of the apartmetn and the bathroom, it’s working out alright! Now, i’m really excited for Aviva, my roommate to arrive in just a few short weeks. And with that, there is more to come, but i must go get ready for Shabbat, and atone for all my sins in my last few days before Yom Kippur. I promise to try to write more before Yom Kippur on Sunday night!
Shabbat Shalom, G’mar chatima Tova, and lots of love from the holy land!

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