Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don’t Know when I’ll be Back Again

Well, here I am, in about 13.5 hrs, my flight will take off and I will high in the sky on my way back to America. And I am mixed with emotions. I am so excited and happy to see my family, friends, community, and yet, so incredibly sad to leave Israel, leave my life here, my family here, my friends. My roommate keeps getting so excited for me because I am going home, and yet I am eternally conflicted.
Yesterday, we received a security warning from school. We have received these before, but this one was very specific about where not to go, what not to do. And it basically included all the places I had planned on visiting today before I left. Granted, I am not going because my friend the parasite has made his triumphant return to say goodbye to Israel, but none-the-less, this was a jolt to the system.
Perhaps I have been lucky, although, I don’t like to think of it as lucky. I have lived here for 9 months, and in those 9 months, while there has been an escalation in tensions, my life has not been threatened. I feel safe. But, I don’t want to leave Israel, leave Jerusalem, leave my home when she might need me, when my friends might not be safe. I know I have nothing to do with it, but the worry and concern and love that have grown within me this year make it that much harder ot leave.
And so, here I am, doing last minute planning and packing, in a few short hours, the page will turn, and a new journey will begin! I am excited to see where it takes me, but sad to end this part of my journey.
for the last time, LOVE FROM THE HOLY LAND, I’ll see you in AMERICA!

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