Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

But it’s not. Tomorrow is my last full day here in Jerusalem, in Israel. Come Wednesday night at this time, my bags will be packed, checked in, and I”ll be sitting at Ben Gurion waiting for my plane to leave. Tomorrow isn’t just another day, Tomorrow is the day. I take my final final of my third year of Rabbinical School. I am over half way done with Rabbinical School, I am leaving Israel.
Tonight, I went out to dinner with my friend Mo for his last night in Jerusalem; his flight leaves early tomorrow morning. And as I walked there, my mind wandered into a million little places. I first started to think about all the times I walked down these streets, how scared I was the first time I tried to find my way around with a map. How many times I’ve celebrated last Nights with people, and now, here I am about to celebrate my own last night… WOW, so many emotions, and I can’t quite put them all on paper yet! Off to study and pack before my big exam tomorrow!!

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