Shabbat Shalom?

A few random thoughts on Shabbat! Does the fact that I am a woman mean that I am not worthy of being wished Shabbat Shalom? As I was walking to Shul this week, i was bothered as usual when every man I passed proceeded to turn their head away from me when passing by. On Shabbat morning, more often than not, the people who I pass by on my way to services will wish me a Shabbat Shalom, and acknowledge my existence. But Friday nights, I am not afforded that luxury. This week was particularly bothersome. I was about half way to shul when a guy in full on frum garb walked out of his building towards me. I saw him, and my immediate reaction was to say Shabbat shalom as I do to most people I pass by on the street (perhaps I am too nice!). He saw me in the distance and as he passed me, he turned his head and started to mutter to himself so as not to have even the slightest interaction with me.
Now, I value religious convictions and different levels of observance, but I found this to be rude and degrading. Don’t i deserve to have a Shabbat Shalom? is being a woman such a crime that I can’t even be wished a simple greeting? 2 of the 3 mitzvoth I am commanded to do according to orthodox practice are related to Shabbat, yet this man couldn’t wish me a Shabbat Shalom? I dont know. I am disappointed not because this man doesnt’ acknowledge my validity to be a rabbi, that i can’t argue with him about because we will never see eye to eye. I am upset because the mere fact that I am a woman invalidates me in his eyes from deserving a Shabbat Shalom! Another Israel Experience!!

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