This past week in School we were learning in Hebrew class about Purim and the mixed feelings of some with the celebration of the holiday and that got me to thinking about the holiday. It was strange to be celebrating Purim in Israel. First, because i live in Jerusalem, i was to celebrate Shushan Purim, a day after the rest of the world celebrated Purim. This created some fun questions as the night that Purim was to begin for the rest of the world, i was outside Jerusalem, and wondered what to do about the Ma’ariv Amidah and the additions for Purim. what a strange experience, that I could only have in Israel, living in Jerusalem!

As I began writing this entry yesterday, there were many cars outside my window blasting their Purim cheer for everyone to hear. And while it was quite annoying when I wanted to take my Purim nap, i enjoyed the festivities all around. I spent my Purim with friends, having a good, SOBER time. That’s right. This year, i decided not to drink on Purim as many do, but to follow the advice of my dear teacher Rabbi Dorff and instead of being drunk to not tell the difference between Haman and Mordecai, I took a nap. this Purim was about being me and growing. Last Purim I drank too much and I missed out on the celebration and the meaning of the holiday. This year, I focused on the holiday. Purim is another holiday that celebrates the triumph of the Jews over an enemy, but at the same time, others died in our triumph. And, we must not forget the terrible massacre done by Baruch Goldstein on Purim as an act of revenge. Purim is not a holiday to act our of revenge, but rather to remember the gift of life and survival we have. And while enemies still try and attack us, the Jewish people push on, live through it, stay strong.

Purim was a fun 2 days off. I of course stuck with the theme of creating costumes based on my name. thanks Mom and Dad for giving me such a versatile name! This year’s winner was EVEning. What could be better than spending the day in my pj’s having fun with friends and eating Oznei Haman. As the day came to an end I ventured down to Rechov Hillel for the city wide Purim celebration with live music and all the works. What a great end. Fun and games, music, laughter and smiles, a day without worry, a day of fun, a day of celebration of our freedoms, a day to be me, and show the pieces I hide on occasion during the rest of the year!

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