SIX MONTHS and Counting

So, I did it, I have lived in Israel for 6 months. what an accomplishment for me. I arrived not knowing what would come of the year, and while I still don’t know for sure, I know I have grown, stretched, learned in ways I didn’t know I could. And, I have to say I have learned so much about Israeli society. The pieces I LOVE, the pieces I could do without, and the pieces I can’t quite decide what to do with. What a wonderfully complex society to engage in for a year of growth. I have had good days and bad days, mostly, I have felt the pains of growing and changing in a foreign place. I crave 5 minutes with my family, with those who I hold so dear in my heart but haven’t seen for 6 months. While I am eagerly looking forward to my reentry into America, I know that there will be a whole in my heart that will only be filled by living in Israel.

As a cool piece of fun information. The Shabbat of my arrival to Israel this year was the Shabbat of my bat mitzvah portion. How special it was for me to read my Haftorah in Israel on the anniversary of an event that led to my decision to become a rabbi. Furthermore, the Shabbat that marked the completion of my 6th month in Israel was Shabbat Zachor, the maftir of this Shabbat; my bat mitzvah parsha. And again, I was able to celebrate me, my Jewish connection, my Jewish Journey! And the Journey moves on…

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