Little Bo EVE has Lost Her Sheep!

Last Week, after returning from the fantastic trip to Eilat and Petra, I spent 2 days enjoying the sun in Jerusalem and running errands and then I joined the Conservative Yeshiva and my friends for another day long Tiyul. This tiyul was not like any other Tiyul I have gone on lately. This Tiyul was to a place called Neot Kedumim. This site about 10 minutes fromt he airport in Tel Aviv is a biblical gardens, complete with many biblical plants, ancient ruins and my favorite part, the wonderful hands on learning experience of…. HERDING SHEEP AND GOATS!!! That’s right, I herded some sheep and goats with my group.
The experience was incredible because it is the first time that I have been able to actively take part in something so hands on and so natural instead of just looking at the ruins and hiking for hours on end. A must do for anyone coming to Israel!! ANd now, i can check shepherding off my to do list!!

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