Where Everybody Knows your Name

Nearly every morning when I wake up, Cheers is on TV, and I eat my morning bowl of cereal while watching one of my favorite shows. Mind you, this show has been off the air in America for a long time, but here, I’m still getting “new” episodes.
But, every morning, I think about the wonderful feeling of walking into a room where everybody knows your name. This year, I have spent a great deal of time learning at both Machon Schechter and the conservative Yeshiva. In fact, I spent the first month and a half that I was living in Israel at the Conservative Yeshiva, and throughout that time, i developed friendships that I think will last a life time. But now, as the year ends, my friends are starting to leave, and the room that was once a place that I would walk into and everybody not only knew my name, but was excited to see me, and me them, will be spread throughout the country and the world. Now, that room is slowly beginning to empty, and I have a twinge of sadness.
I guess this is just another step towards the end of the year. the count down has begun, in the next 2 weeks, I will pack up my room, finish my classes, say goodbye to some dear friends, and head back to America. It is all happening so fast, my head is spinning. there is so much to do.
of all the incredible adventures I have had this year, all the amazing learning, the growing I have done for myself, as a person. Of all the experiences I have had, what I will miss the most is walking into a room where everybody knows my name, where my friends are. And for this experience, I am grateful!

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