Yehi Shalom Beheilech…

I was walking home otnight, thinking about the world, thinking about my week, my life, and I know it iwll all be o.k. This past week has presented me with many many challenges. The biggest beign my computer’s near crash, and the smallest being the lack of sleep, with my massive amount of homework spreading it’s way slowly though my week! I was thinking about how wonderful it is to be in a place where I can go for a walk and just clear my mind. Sometimes, i walk and something happens and I’m out of my funk. sometimes it is when the perfect song comes on my ipod at the perfect time, sometimes it is when i run into a friend who smiels at me. Sometimes it is when i run into someone I have not seen for years. I think this is what makes this city so magical. I was walking aorund with a visiting frind tonight and i see someone who looked familiar, like one of my childhood friends, and it turns out, it was one of my best friends from third grade. AMAZING! We are both living here, and we reconnect on a street corner. I dont’ know about you, my loyal readers, but I know that doesn’t usually happen to me in America. But here, in this magical city, it happens all the time. And I am SOOOO Happy it does!
It will be good, but sometimes I am broken. As i was walking around town this evening, getting some air before locking myself in my room to do the homework I have been putting off, I started to think. Why is it that good intentions are always misunderstood, that wanting to help and be a good friend is always thought of as wanting something in return, wanting to be mor e than friends, or something else? I’ve seen this a lot recently. Sometimes, all I want to do is be nice, help out, be there for my friends, and nothing more than have a nice friendship.
I’ve found that lately, I am bothered because I give my heart to so many, put my heart into so many frienships because I truly care about people, and they don’t get it. I would do almost anything for anyone I consider my friend. I put my heart into it, I want people to be happy, I want to help. But, I think that’s my fault for caring too much, for putting too much of me into it, for trying to be a nice person. Is it so hard to ask how someone’s day is, to call someone back, to be a friend? Dont’ worry, I’m not talking about anyone in particular, I’m just thinking about events I’ve had in my life, feelings I have, things I’ve seen. I think it’s society, going back to “When Harry Met Sally” and the famous line: men and women can’t just be friends. Maybe we can? I think it’s possible, I really do. Who knows, i guess I’ll just have to go on testing my theory!

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