Walking in a winter wonderland…

Yes, that’s right, it snowed in Jerusalem, and then some. This is after all, always a question: when you are in Jerusalem for a winter, will it snow or not? The last time I lived in Jerusalem, it snowed one day, but I was in the desert and by the time we got back, it was gone. This time, i did not miss it. In fact, i document the entire occurance from begining to end. You see, yesterday they started to predict the possiblity of 1/2 an inch of snow today. It started as a nasty and not fun rain storm. This storm lasted all night last night, and when I awoke this morning, no snow. I did awake, however to some magnificent lightening, followed by watching the rain turn into hail and back. The power by the light at my house was out, and I will say, Israelis do not treat this situation as a 4 way stop. It was very much every person for themselves. I watched 2 of my classmates navigate the street and even took a picture of them from my window! Then, i watched as a police car showed up to direct traffic, but were too chicken to be outside. iw atched them suit up, get out of the car, get back in, get out again, get back in, and finally drove away. Just as they were driving away, traffic became very bad, so they had to turn around and come back, and finally got out of the car to direct traffic. Now, I understand that it is cold out, and wet, and I hate it as much as the next person if I had to stand in the middle of an Israeli intersection during rush hour, however, people’s lives’ were at stake, so I was happy to see them finally take the initiative to keep law and order to the roads!

My walk to school this morning was damp, but fun. i was all bundeled up, like I used to do when I was a kid. I had my rain pants on, my hat, hood, jacket, hood, scarf and mittens. I was ready to rock and roll. And dont’ forget my spiffy snow/ice shoes, I was ready for anything. School finished and it was still raining, no snow. I went home determined to do my work. Then, around 3pm i looked out the window and saw the most magnificent, beautiful, huge, pure white snow flakes fluttering down from the sky.

A shehechianu moment if I have ever had one. It was beautiful. I immediately grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures out of my window. When i realized it wasn’t going to let up for a while, i got bundled up again and headed out for an hour snapping pictures every way i looked. What a sight to be seen. This city is beautiful with it’s own special charm year round, but something about the pure, white snow blanketing the streets, trees, cars, makes this city even more holy, more special. Palm trees with snow on them. Children making snowballs, playing, laughing, care free. The mood lifted, people are smiling and enjoying the rare occurance.

Now, 7 hours later, it is still snowing and the trees are covered nicely. The night has made for a winter wonderland. I feel at home. I might be freezing in my cold apartment, but I am happy, peaceful staring at the white snow. I didn’t get my homework done, but I think that’s o.k. After all, how often will I have the opportunity to see Jerusalem covered in at least an inch of snow. I truly am in a winter wonderland!

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