Sometimes in our life, we all have pain, we all have Sorrow

But, friends, they help us through these times. I am so grateful and thankful for my friends! For those who make me smile, make me celebrate my life, celebrate what is important to me, and important to the world. I have those friends who I can lean on, those friends who will support me, send me love when I need it, hold me, make me smile when I feel alone. I am grateful for them! Grateful for the little messages in my inbox that say “I am thinking about you” “i miss you” “i hope you’re O.k.”.
I am happy to know that there are people in my world who care about me, who know when I need to smile and make it happen. Life throws me a lot of curve balls, a lot of unexpected turns, and I know who my friends are, who my true friends are, when they call me, text me, im me and tell me that they know i need their support and they are there for me. that is what friendship is all about. Friendship is about giving a hug when I need it, asking how I am, and listening to me when I am lost and uncertain about everything! for this, I am grateful! It is the hug at the end of the day, the smile and the laugh that help me make it through to the next!
Thank you, for being a friend, for helping me stand, for guiding me, and supporting me… youa re amazing!

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