Familiar Faces, Familiar Places

Recently, I have been blessed to have a slew of visitors. Familiar faces have come to me so very far away, taken me for a meal, given me a hug, relayed news from home, been tehre for me and so much more. It is very hard to be away from home, from the comforts of everything I know and to be in a society that is so complex, changing every day. Just a week ago I reached the 3 months in Israel mark, and I have mixed feelings. While I have done well, survived the changes, adjusted to the new life here, I have also begun to miss home. Normally, I’d be going home in the next few weeks from school and spending time with family, but this is not hte case this year. Instead, I am getting ready to pack a bag, get on a jet place and explore yet another unfamiliar place, Greece.
And so this all has me thinking about familiarity. I know that while the faces might be familiar, they will soon be different. Being away for so long, i know people iwll change, relationships change. Old relationships that seemed familiar become unfamiliar, and new faces become the familiar ones. So, what makes something or someone familiar? I dont’ know. I do know that I miss the familiar things in my life today. I miss the familiar faces, the comforts of home and the familiarity of Los Angeles and Detroit. But at the same time, Israel is becoming familia,r and one day, the lines will blur…
I’m tired, time for bed! LOVE!

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