Achen Yesh Adonai B’Makom HaZeh V’Anochi Lo Dadati?!?!

Surely God is in this place and I, I did not know it!! What a powerful verse. This verse is in our parshat HaShavua, and it is one of my favorites. It is written on the Aron at my shul in the States, and hs always stood out in my mind. After all, when I was a child I was taught that God is everywhere, so how could I not already know that God is there?!?! For me, the verse is talking about God MOments. Those moments in time where we realize that God is around us, surrounding us, suppoting us. God is everywhere, it is up to us, the individual, me to find God.

I was sitting in services this morning and it just struck me, God is in this place, and I knew it, I know it. I just choose sometimes not to see it, or sometimes, I have trouble seeing it. I think since I have been in Israel I have had more God moments, moments of awe, of love, of presence than ever before. I think it is my responsibility to recognize God in my life. So, Yes, GOD IS IN THIS PLACE, But I DO KNOW IT, I just need to take the time to recognize it a little bit more often!!

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