Falafel and More

I woke up this morning with the strongest craving for Falafel. So strong, I am amazed i even waited until lunch time to fulfill it! There is something fantastic about the falafel in Israel, it cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. The store, called from Aza to Berlin, after the two streets it is located on, makes their own falafel from scratch on site. I had a fresh falafel with homemade tahini, hummous, and many salads. I have to say, it was one of the better falafels I have ever had. Yes, as today begins my 4th week here, i finally had my first falafel. Now, i’ll need to go to the Old City and i will have fulfilled many of the “requirements” for spending time in Jerusalem.

And as i sit here, i am looking out my window, and enjyoing the peace and quiet of the streets as everyone is getting ready for the Chaggim. The atmosphere in Jerusalem is one of holiness, of peace and perhaps tranquility. There is an excitement in the air, a sense of incredible love and joy at the new year that is approaching. I know, that i CANNOT WAIT for this New year! I am ready, to start a new, to refresh myself and to discover the precious treasures of experience and more that awaits me! Enjoy the journey we are embarking on, may it be good to you! L’Shanah Tova U’metuka!! Have a sweet year!

One thought on “Falafel and More

  1. Anonymous September 22, 2006 / 2:23 pm

    Did you have fries to make it a total experience? Tanta


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