Yes, I survived the Shuk before Rosh HaShanah. What a fantastic experience. Besides the fact that you can barely move, the flies are everywhere and it is very hot, the shuk is a fantastic place. I bought all my vegetables and paper products for the Rosh HaSHanah meal I am hosting, at very low prices. I used my hebrew to get around, and felt like i just blended in. I am begining to get the hang of this!! Aside from having to then carry all of my purchases home, it was a fantastic experience. Everyone is wishing each other a Shannah Tova, a good year, and the atmosphere is relaxed yet filled with excitement for the new year. I am anxiously awaiting the city on Rosh HaShanah, and the feeling of elevated holiness i hope to have. I will write more after I’m caught up on my sleep from the shuk experience and my night out last night!! Shannah Tovah l’kulam!!

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